Miss Havisham was a well-to-do heiress.  Her father owned a brewery. She isolates herself from the outside world. Her family, the Pockets, only come to visit her on her birthday, and she never wants to see them. They are only after her money. The two exceptions to this are Matthew and Herbert. She doesn't keep the house or grounds up and employs few servants. Her house is full of cobwebs and dust. She keeps the wedding cake on the dining table.  Havisham is always wearing her wedding dress, which is now yellowed and faded. She is often seen before her vanity, with only one shoe on. She keeps all the clocks set to the time that she received the letter from her fiance, who told her that he wasn't coming. Twenty-five or so years ago, her wealth made her a target by a con man, who jilted her, breaking her heart and making her vow revenge on men as a whole. This led to the bringing up of Estella as a weapon to use to break the hearts of men.  Miss Havisham dies via burning to death. 

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